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Human Resource Basic – Odoo HR

In this HR article for small businesses and large corporations alike, the human resources department is key to success. More than handling recruitment or payroll HR department helps improve company morale develop methods to ensure high-performance standards and can help resolve conflicts among employees. These are some of the reasons why the HR system is so important for success.


At Simply Solved the HR department has the responsibility of determining if our employees are satisfied. As it ambiguous measurement HR team has to be careful about how they measure, how happy our employees are, and then implement strategies to improve their satisfaction.


The HR department will also have to handle relations between employees and to resolve conflicts when and if they happen to keep positive working relationships in the organization. We continuously try to improve our management systems; the HR department can help us there as well.

So we are motivated to help the HR department with their work to do so we decided to use Odoo's HR apps. With Odoo they will be able to oversee all important information for each department and employee in a glance which will save them a ton of time handling administrative work will also be easier for them.


They will have everything gathered in one place allowing them to focus on what's important to the employees.


Here I am on my database specifically looking at the employee’s application because of course; we know that our employees are one of the most critical components of our business.  We also have different departments so one of the first steps is to add those departments inside of our Odoo database.


Simply by going to departments and creating a new one so let's go ahead and create a new one by clicking on the create button. So the first thing we'll need is the department name, so let's say marketing all right were large enough now but we don't have to hire a marketing agency week.


We can create our department which is convenient all right we can add a parent if we would like. In this case, I'm not going to and we're also going to assign a manager. So I'm going to say that I am the manager of this department.


Now we can organize our departments however we would like and we can add as many departments as we need. However, I already have quite a few so, I'm not going to create anymore but, what I'm going to do is create a new employee for our marketing department.


The one that I just created so, we're going to go to employees here and create ok, we can also do that from departments as well click on employees and create a simple as that. Since I am creating this employee from the marketing department page the department will automatically be selected ok but let's go ahead and add the employee's name.


We're going to say that she's a marketing officer ok and we can add other information as well such as the work contact information, resume, and skills. We can go under the work information tab alright we have the work location, work address, and also her managers.


Since I am the manager of the marketing department I'm automatically assigned to be her manager. However, let's say she has a different coach let's say that Anita is her coach we can simply assign that here. Once we click on save underneath this tab on the right, we're going to see the organizational or the organization chart.


The HR department doesn't necessarily know what manager belongs to which employee you know it. So it's very easy all that information is accessible right here so, let's keep moving on we can go to the private information tab. We have all the private information such as personal contact information, marital status, emergency contact work permit information, and more.


So a lot of these things or all of these things are almost essential for HR departments. So it's convenient that we have all of this information gathered in one place then we can go to HR settings now something extremely important here is to add a related user.


The related user will be the database user so, you usually create that In the settings application. So of course the database user will be sent the email to register with the database it's important that you also connect them to this employee.


 So we have Jane right here and this is especially essential if you're using applications such as leaves or timesheets because we want to know that the database user is linked with this specific employee that they are the same person.


All right we can add other information as well we can say if there are non-resident and I had the company vehicle information ok who we would like to send the appraisal form to. So if just the managers have to fill out a form for her appraisal or perhaps they would like some information from her colleagues as well.


We even have our timesheets cost per hour and then we can go to personal documents where we can upload some files. So if we need to keep her driver's license on file if we pay for her internet subscription we can upload those documents right here. So again everything is in one place and we can manage the employee's information just right here how convenient is them.

Let’s go ahead and save this alright and we're going to go back to our employee's overview and something cool here is we can quickly filter the employees that we would like to see in at the moment so if you're in a multi-company environment you can filter by company.


For example, if I just want to see those employees who work for my company in Dubai I'll click on this and I see those employees here I can even filter by department.


So let's go ahead and say research and development. So let's go to configuration settings and from this settings page, we're able to go to the company working hours. So right now we're looking at a standard 40 hours per week we can modify this okay that's easy that is that we can add some global times off.


If we can even create a new one if we would like to by creating and editing okay let's go ahead and say Stan 40 hours a week I think that's good which means that every new employee you create these standard working hours will apply to them. However, we can modify that as well so what we can do is go to our work resources okay well save and


we have all of our employees that have these working times that work a standard 40 hours per week and we can modify that here if we need to all right so it's convenient now this is all for the basics of the Odoo HR.

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