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Affordable & Reliable Zoho CRM Platform for Your Business

The one other thing that we have found working with Simply Solved is that they're quick; I mean, I wasn't expecting this, and you know they've been quite good. You send an email response within a couple of hours at the worst, sometimes within minutes.

If you want something doing, they'll turn it around, and while we were building the system that they work full shifts even overnight in some cases to get it delivered on time, so yeah Simply Solved did come up with the goods, and yeah I could recommend them for that.


What Made You Choose Zoho?

The starting point wasn't Zoho platform; the starting point was I realized we needed a CRM system, and we'd been looking for some time for a CRM system. We'd done a lot of due diligence, and Zoho was one of the ones that we just kept coming back to you because it seemed to have everything we needed all in one box.

What Advantages Does Zoho CRM have?


There are a vast number of advantages to having the Zoho CRM in place, and Zoho has mainly been a revelation for the Business. One of the reasons that we went for this because we were finding we were missing parts of our process and having Zoho CRM in place means that we now don't miss parts of the process, we do what we say we're going to do.

What Impact has the Zoho platform had on your Business?


One of the problems that we were finding was that customers were contacting us with specific requirements. Somebody was saying yes, we'll do that piece of work, but it was disappearing between the cracks, and six weeks later, we were finding that we'd missed a big thing that we should have done for a customer that's just unacceptable. So to close those gaps, we needed something, and Zoho's provided the answer for that.


Why did you choose Simply Solved as your CRM Provider?



When we decided to go with Zoho one, there were two providers we could have gone with, and in the end, we decided to go with Simply Solved.  Simply Solved for us working with a partner that best matched our requirements, we knew that they were going to be flexible. We knew they were going to be quick, and to be honest, we planned, executed, implemented, and got running with a Zoho CRM system in less than four months, which is unheard of in the Business.

What are the advantages of Zoho Projects?


So at the moment with Zoho Projects, what we're tending to find is that when work comes in, a requirement comes into one area of the Business anybody can load it straight onto projects. If it's on the project, it then syncs with everything else, so it also gets an owner. It gets a date, it gets a priority we can't miss stuff anymore, there are no excuses, and there's nowhere to hide.


How easy is it to Customize Zoho to Your Business?


Yesterday, one of our customers phoned me as the managing director with a bit of an issue, and we'd put a new website live but had forgotten to do one thing. I was surprised about this because our processes usually are quite good and everything, of course, is in Zoho Books these days.


So there's no excuse when I went back into the project I realized we'd miss something in our process within two minutes I'd created a new flow within Zoho which is now part of a template. Every other web build from now on has that thing built into it, so there's no way we can miss it in the future.


Why is Zoho Chat Effective?


One of the things that we have found incredibly useful is the Chat, so Chat built within Zoho is a useful tool; it's an instant chat. It's the communication and when you're working with remote teams. Sometimes we are we've got that opportunity to have instant access to these people, the other.

The advantage of it is that it records everything in the Zoho CRM, and this takes it away from being lost in something like a WhatsApp group.


How Does Zoho Improve Productivity in the Workplace?


As a business, we've seen quite an improvement in the productivity that we're getting out of the teams, primarily because they actually can see at the start of each month exactly what they need to do. We can pre-plan this work as well, so that's been quite a revelation for us.


Setting up Zoho with Simply Solved


As part of the set up Simply Solved helpful because they managed to integrate our accounting system, which is zero with Zoho accounting, but in doing so what it meant is we can pull through real-time data from the accounting system and show it in all sorts of ways some of the visual information and the management information I can now get from that is something I could never get before just from the accounting system alone.


What are the Advantages of Zoho Vault?


An unexpected bonus of Zoho is something we didn't realize. Still, it has something within it called Vault, Zoho Vault is a password keeper, and that's great because in an agency like ours where you have single passwords for applications but multiple users somebody leaves you to need to change all the passwords quite quickly using Vault we can do that in just one go.


What is Zoho Sign?


So the previous process we were using for signing up a customer was that we'd send them a Zoho email with all the details on and a direct debit attached they would then send the email back saying yes I agree to it and they'd have to print off the direct debit. They'd have to fill it in and then either scan it or send it or post it to us, which doesn't work that well for digital Business.

Using Zoho Sign, we've managed to integrate the direct debit form as well, so we now simply send them one suite of paperwork which they sign electronically, press a button it comes straight back in. So we know the orders with us, and it's compliant as well, and it sets up a workflow for the accounts team to start creating the invoices.


Is Zoho a Portable System?


One of the advantages of Zoho that we found is that the sales team particularly has access to the entire suite while they're out on the road. All the suite of applications is available as apps that come down to your phone.

You can access all the system while you're out on the road, the beauty about doing that, of course, is that you don't have to wait until you get back home at night to put that urgent request into the office to do something, you can create a task while you're out. Somebody can action it while you're driving to the next call.


Email Integration with Zoho?

One of the significant issues we used to have was when somebody left the Business there was no record of what they'd said to any customer other than on their email account, which of course, over time starts to degrade or gets put somewhere electronically in a back burner.

By integrating the emails with Zoho mail, you can have all your customer correspondents appear against the customer account in Zoho Mail. It doesn't matter which member of the team's emailed them. It will still go in, and of course, what that means is that anybody at any time can see what's been promised, what's been delivered, and what the customer wanted.


How has Zoho increased your Profit Margins?


Previously we were having issues with some salespeople thinking it was okay to discount our products to the point where they were well no longer profitable. Using Zoho books, what we've now been able to do is built-in processes, which means that they can't do that.


So when they create the order on the system, they have some flexibility to move the price up or down but only by a specified percentage, so if we don't want them to discount by more than let's say 10%, we can fix that in the system, they can't process the order if it's outside of those parameters that are critical for profitability.


Mission, Vision, and Values


As a business, we're proud of our mission, our vision, and indeed our values and our values are essential to us the trust, loyalty in collaboration with Simply Solved. We felt we found a partner that mirrored our values but, more importantly, somebody we knew we could work with for the long term.

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