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VAT Registration For Businesses In The UAE - SimplySolved

As a UAE business or individual receiving commercial consideration, UAE VAT Registration is mandatory if your taxable supplies exceed AED375,000 in the next 30 days.

For many businesses, Registering for UAE VAT often leads to frustration and delay. It is a common misconception the issuance of a UAE FTA TRN is a straight forward process.

The VAT system is evolving. The FTA continues to adapt the Tax system from empirical data and market experience. Consequently, due processes will also change to reflect these considerations. 

Understanding VAT Registration in the UAE

To get a better understanding of UAE VAT Registration, here are some important considerations to note.

Early Years

During the first year of VAT, it was evident that many companies and individuals operating in the UAE Registered for VAT, others waited and some (especially individuals or directors) were unclear about how they should comply.

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