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Manage Manufacturing Operations with Odoo’s Manufacturing Module

Odoo 14 gets creative highlights to create and coordinate the assembling area of an association. Odoo’s manufacturing module assists with planning, making, and appropriate items on the schedule.

Fabricating an item goes through different stages like gathering unrefined components, upgrading assets, material dealing with, apparatus processes, quality checks, lastly creating completed merchandise in the wake of finishing a ton of cycles.

This large number of cycles incorporate unmistakable sorts of bills and the Odoo manufacturing module facilitates the chaotic tasks of an assembling unit.

ERP implementation is unavoidable in this new time of advanced change. Odoo ERP solution satisfies every one of the necessities of an association. Be that as it may, implementation of the Manufacturing module is precarious.

IT SimplySolved is well known for its Odoo Manufacturing module implementation. The group of Odoo specialists from IT SimplySolved gives you the best implementation service and trains the staff to proficient the new changes.

Allow us to examine the critical element of Odoo’s Manufacturing Module

Oversee Orders

Producing Module assists with overseeing fabricating orders, work orders, scanner tag, fix orders, unbilled orders, and editable Mos. Fabricating orders help to course unrefined substances to a manual get-together or programmed sequential construction systems.

The utilization of scanner tags in the assembling system accelerates the assembling tasks. You can undoubtedly oversee fixes of things under guarantee as a service and dismantle a completed item and recover parts.

Timetable and Plan

You can design the assembling system and get a reasonable perspective on your entire preparation and effectively reschedule fabricating. The assembling request plan could be seen in diagram designs.

You can arrange work requests and push them forward with creation. It monitors accessible materials in stock and deals with the bill of materials. MRP scheduler assists with booking work at each work community in view of OEE and limit.

Adaptable Master Data

It is not difficult to set staggered Bills of materials, or at least, make a bill of materials inside one more to know the assembling part of an item in the bill of materials.

Discretionary work request steering assists with sequencing creation relying upon the directing utilized. Unit highlight helps the salespersons to offer items as a bunch of parts to gather.

Quality checks

Odoo fabricating module investigates the nature of items during each phase of assembling and Kanban’s perspective on quality alarms assists with getting sorted out works. Control focuses naturally trigger quality checks for the assembling division.


Odoo’s manufacturing module permits a smooth running of the upkeep activities of an association. It mechanizes consistently planned support on things and makes upkeep orders for fixes and different fixes.

It reminds the upkeep group about the specific subsequent meetups. You can plan upkeep tasks with a schedule and get all insights registered for you.

Work Center Control Panel

Tablets are set at each workplace to sort out work productively. Creation could be recorded, and worksheets are shown straightforwardly on the work community with guidelines for the administrator.

Various tasks like making quality cautions, performing checks, dealing with scrap items are done well from the workplace. You can characterize numerous means in a work request and connection them to worksheet pages.

Definite Reports

Odoo’s manufacturing module offers definite reports on every one of the activities of the assembling system. It gives subtleties of the expense examination considering the expense of the parts and the expense of tasks. It is not difficult to dissect your work community stacks, the usefulness misfortunes, and track your general hardware viability.

Odoo’s manufacturing module facilitates the assembling activities of an association and oversees bills, producing orders, tracks requests, and controls the course of an assembling unit.

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