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Attendance Management System helps you track your Employee Attendance

Yet stamping employee attendance on bookkeeping pages toward the beginning of every day? Passing up precise participation in various workplaces?

Presently, computerize employee attendance tracking following SimplySolvedIntegrate SimplySolved with your biometric attendance tracking system or use the SimplySolved web check-in/check-out component to follow employee attendance with next to no issue.

Take care of issues other than Attendance Management

With the most vigorous attendance management that comes liberated from cost, SimplySolved records ongoing participation information from every one of the characterized sources, regardless of whether it is approved equipment gadgets or by the in-assembled Zen HR Portal.

As the attendance management system is incorporated with the payroll processing system, you don’t have to physically take a look at the participation of every worker toward the month’s end for pay computation and dispensing.

Imprint Attendance However and Whenever You Want

Incorporation Compatibility with a wide range of participation checking gadgets. The SimplySolved Attendance Management System can be effortlessly designed to the current biometric gadget being utilized in your association as it is viable with a wide range of biometric integration and participation gadgets, directly from unique mark acknowledgment and face acknowledgment to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communication (NFC) innovation.

Online and portable put together participation following respect to our cloud-based framework

As the free attendance management system is cloud-based, there is an inbuilt arrangement for online and versatile-based registration too in the event that your association needs to get rid of actual participation gadgets or on the other hand if the representatives are remotely-found, are telecommuting, or are on out-obligation areas.

GPS based information capturing for participation

For distant representatives or work-from-home days, you can approve workers’ registrations utilizing the GPS include that empowers representatives to register from pre-characterized areas and tracks their continuous area.

Peaceful shift the board

There is no compelling reason to wreck your minds if your association chips away at many moves as it is very simple to make and appoint various movements to various gatherings of representatives on the SimplySolved attendance management system.

Design tweaked participation rules

With the shift the board element of the SimplySolved attendance management system, you can undoubtedly arrange individual participation rules, mark-in and mark-out occasions alongside week by a week off and paid occasions for each shift of representatives dependent on their areas of expertise and areas.

Design Attendance Policies and Reports

With the SimplySolved attendance management system, it is very easy to make redone participation strategies that work the best for your association. Make a participation plot when you are introducing the product and you are all set with no subsequent strides as everything is robotized from the main snap.

Ascertains additional time and different factors itself

No really breaking your heads over extra time computations as it figures the functioning hours for representatives all alone and naturally works out the pay for the additional time hours because of its consistent reconciliation with the payroll processing system.

Foster a single tick participation reports

Watch out for the participation program with the adaptable Attendance reports that can be created with a couple of snaps and let you screen the participation of the two people and groups progressively.

Representative Self Service Portal for participation observing straightforwardness

The ZEN HR Portal is a shelter for representatives as they can undoubtedly screen their participation and their functioning hours for every month on a solitary screen in one look with an interface that is incredibly easy to utilize.

If you fear the finish of every month for the various participation gives that yield up and plague you, you can inhale simply now as the representatives would now be able to regularize their participation all alone with no need of HR intercession.

Backing Like No Other

The most grumbling of attendance management systems is the disappointment of recording participation and SimplySolved attendance management systems works proactively to forestall it by advising the administrator when there is a participation gadget disappointment.

Simple relocation of framework

Relocation from your attendance management system to the board framework to SimplySolved attendance management system is consistent and moment with close to no information misfortune.

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